MAry Trump and donald trump
Mary Trump and her uncle Donald Trump (Photo: Screen captures)

In a panel discussion with legal analyst Jen Taub, reporter Brian Karem, former RNC staffer Kurt Bardella and Dr. Mary Trump, the group reacted to the news that former President Donald Trump was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury on Thursday.

Bardella explained that despite Trump's desperation to go after District Attorney Alvin Bragg, it was a majority of the grand jury who agreed that the evidence was such that it necessitated an indictment.

However, it was Dr. Mary Trump that began talking about the violence she worries as the indictment heads to trial.

Bardella agreed, noting that the next move for Trump's supporters is a big action to scare people away from coming after their leader.

"I shudder to think what that’s going to look like," he confessed.

Dr. Trump echoed the same sentiment, noting that Trump supporters are the same people that see a mass shooting with children being killed and they're ready for more guns.

Karem was full of glee. He lamented that he's spent four years being threatened and brow-beaten by Trump's "minions," and now there is some semblance of justice.

"It's now some measure of sanity that he was indicted," said Karem.

Dr. Trump agreed, saying that it was the sense of justice that she is witnessing, but ultimately "it may not be enough" for all of those who have been wronged by Donald Trump.

"It may not be enough for all of those contractors he's stiffed," she said. "It may not be enough for the people he kept from renting in his apartment building simply because they are Black because he's such a f*cking racist. It definitely will not be enough for all of the people who died from COVID because of him. But it's a start. And it isn't nothing. And we need to hang onto that."

Karem wanted to hang the mug shots on his wall.

Dr. Trump brought up leading Republicans like Nikki Haley, Jim Jordan and Ron DeSantis — arguing they knew about as much as the rest of America about what is in the sealed indictments.

"They are united in their anti-democratic, pro-autocratic push to destroy this country. Let's just — I'm not being glib. Donald said it explicitly: 'They are coming for us,'" Dr. Trump said.

Watch the full panel discussion below or at this link.