'Projection is a hell of a drug': Matt Gaetz mocked after calling Fauci 'a sniveling little twit'
Florida GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz at an America First rally in Iowa. (screen grab)

Florida GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz came under fire on Twitter after referring to Dr. Anthony Fauci — America's top infectious disease expert — as "a sniveling little twit" on Thursday night.

Gaetz made the comments during an "America First" rally with Georgia Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene in Des Moines, Iowa.

"Speaking of government bureaucrats, I have heard enough of that sniveling little twit Anthony Fauci," Gaetz told the crowd.

According to the Des Moines Register, Gaetz also referenced allegations that he sex-trafficked a minor, which are currently being investigated by the FBI. He told the story of how he and Greene were recently barred from entering a D.C. jail when they went to check on Capitol insurrectionists.

"I have half the government trying to lock me in jail and the other half locking me out," Gaetz quipped.

Greene also referenced the allegations against Gaetz, saying people "have said awful things about him, things that are not true."

Reactions to Gaetz's attack on Fauci below.