Matt Gaetz defenders 'few and far between' as GOP run from sex scandal: CNN

On CNN Tuesday, congressional correspondent Manu Raju reported that, with just a few exceptions, most Republicans in Congress are still holding off on coming to the defense of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), currently facing a Justice Department sex trafficking investigation.

"Congress has been in recess for the last couple of weeks," said Raju. "They are also on recess this week. Most House Republicans have said very little, including the House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, who did say these were serious allegations, and he did plan to speak with Congressman Gaetz. Beyond that, there's been very little public response from top Republicans who have stayed quiet."

"They're not offering any defense of Matt Gaetz either," noted Raju. "Jim Jordan has said that he stands with Matt Gaetz, as well as Marjorie Taylor Greene, the controversial Georgia freshman Republican. She also said she supports him. But other than that, his defenders have been few and far between, as he maintains a defiant posture, appearing in public for the first time on Friday at a rally called Women for America First. He's appearing with Trump supporters. He, of course, has positioned himself as one of the former president's staunchest defenders. At this Women for Trump event, it is actually occurring at a Trump property as well. He's fundraising and maintaining a defiant posture."

Raju went on to note that Republicans are unlikely to push him to resign unless he is indicted.

Watch below:

Manu Raju says Matt Gaetz defenders are "few and far between"