Florida lobbyists warned to stay silent on Matt Gaetz as investigation heats up: report
CNN Screenshot

On Saturday, the Tampa Bay Times reported that lobbyists in Florida are being advised by their firms not to discuss the scandal surrounding Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) with the media.

"A hush has fallen over Tallahassee, where Gaetz spent six years as a bombastic and outspoken lawmaker. Florida's top Republicans have declined to weigh in, electing not to defend nor criticize Gaetz," reported Steve Contorno. "The public silence has extended beyond Republicans. Some lobbying groups have advised employees not to talk about Gaetz to reporters. And Democrats, who typically pounce on any stumble by a Republican, are noticeably quiet."

Gaetz is under federal investigation over allegations that he transported a teenage girl over state lines for sex, and that drugs and campaign cash may have been involved in the deals.

Joel Greenberg, a former Florida county tax collector whose criminal charges triggered the investigation into Gaetz and who has been cooperating with authorities since last year, has claimed in a confession letter that the two of them were involved in an underage sex trafficking scheme, although he claims they weren't aware of the girl's age at first.

Gaetz, who has not yet been charged with any offense, has denied all wrongdoing and refuses to resign.