McCarthy says he intends to give Marjorie Taylor Greene a talking-to after threats to kill Democrats
Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green on the House floor on January 13, 2020. (Screenshot)

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said that he's concerned about newly-elected Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) for her threats to execute Democrats and FBI agents. According to Axios, he intends to speak with her.

A CNN report out Tuesday revealed a series of threats that Greene made against Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in 2018 and 2019. According to the report, she threatened to execute Pelosi. She also threatened to do so with former President Barack Obama and former Secretaries Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Greene was also found to have "liked" several posts that called for FBI agents' deaths.

Greene blamed her "coms team" saying that other people post to her Facebook account when asked for comment. That, however, doesn't answer for the video in which she called for Pelosi's execution.

"These comments are deeply disturbing and Leader McCarthy plans to have a conversation with the Congresswoman about them," McCarthy's spokesperson said in a statement to Axios.

The report also recalled when former Rep. Steve King (R-IA) was taken off of all of his committees in 2019 for asking why terms like "white nationalism" and "white supremacy" had become "so offensive" to the public.

Axios noted that last year, King predicted that he would use the same threats to keep Greene in line.

"He'll hang the sin that he committed against me out in front of her like the sword of Damocles," King said.

When the leadership took out King, he was removed from the Judiciary and Agriculture Committees at a time that was crucial for Iowa farmers who lost their only lawmaker on the committee. The problem with McCarthy threatening the same with Greene is thus far she doesn't appear to have been assigned any committees.

See the full report at Axios.