Michigan GOP candidate says public schools are plotting to 'eliminate the white people'
Mellissa Carone (screengrab).

On Wednesday, Michigan Advance reported that Mellissa Carone, a GOP anti-"voter fraud" activist who is running for state legislature in Michigan, espoused white supremacist propaganda to supporters on social media.

"During a Facebook live video Tuesday, Mellissa Carone ... said that public schools and the government are trying to 'eliminate' white people in America," reported Allison Donahue. "'They’re trying to eliminate the white people in America, particularly the white male in America,' Carone said after criticizing public schools for asking students for their pronouns and calling transgender rights 'government control.'"

"These comments are similar to what is said by far-right extremists against critical race theory, which is a graduate-level course examining the systemic effects of white supremacy in America. It is not taught in any of Michigan’s K-12 schools," continued the report. "In the nearly 90-minute video, Carone also criticized the COVID-19 vaccine, statewide shutdowns during the pandemic and defended insurrectionists who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. "

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Carone gained national attention after she served as the star witness for Trump ally Rudy Giuliani during a Michigan hearing on election integrity, where she baselessly claimed to have seen Dominion Voting Systems rigging electoral counts and claimed that the Republican state lawmaker questioning her looked like a penis. She has also claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine is a sign of the Biblical apocalypse.

Until recently, Carone was on probation for a "computer crime" after she allegedly harassed her fiancé's ex-wife with sexually explicit videos.