Trump biographer: Courts should bar former president from filing future lawsuits
President Donald Trump at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster (screengrab)

On CNN Wednesday, Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio discussed the campaign memo revealing that Trump's lawyers knew his voter fraud conspiracy theories were baseless — and argued that it might be time for courts to step in and block him from filing lawsuits at all, like his new one against his niece Mary Trump and The New York Times for revealing his tax practices.

"In many ways it's not surprising," said anchor Erica Hill. "What do you make of that, though? The knowledge was there with people who could have made it clear to those out there spewing these lies including the president, and yet here we are."

"Well, it's generally been true that when Donald Trump approves lawsuits or makes accusations of wrongdoing, there's ample evidence that he's incorrect and he's, in fact, lying," said D'Antonio. "I think in this case it's clear that his attorneys for the campaign understood that the claims of election fraud were baseless. He nevertheless tolerated sending Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani and others out into the world with these 60 different lawsuits alleging that there were fraudulent activities."

"You know, at some point judges and courts reach a conclusion that someone is being disruptive and frivolous in filing lawsuits and can actually bar plaintiffs from entering the courthouse because of their past record," continued D'Antonio. "So I think the question here, too, is how often do we have to learn that Donald Trump is lying about the facts in legal proceedings and that his lawyers are representing him in bad faith before courts actually decide to just start throwing these claims out? I think this is what he faces. I would be shocked if this lawsuit against The Times and his niece goes forward."

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Michael D'Antonio suggests courts should start blocking Trump lawsuits