Injured Capitol officer blasts Trump for inspiring political violence after FBI infiltrates militant ‘Bible study’ group
Michael Fanone on CNN. (Screenshot)

Injured Capitol police officer Michael Fanone blasted former president Donald Trump and his GOP supporters on Wednesday morning, saying their rhetoric is continuing to foment political violence, and accusing them of turning their backs on law enforcement.

Appearing on CNN's "New Day," Fanone was asked about reports from Tuesday that accused Capitol rioter Fi Duong had formed a radical military organization under the guise of a "Bible study" group, stockpiling improvised explosives and surveilling the Capitol.

"I think it shows, just based on weapons that were recovered from this individual, as well as some of the plots and planning that took place, that there is an organizational factor," Fanone said. "Obviously they continue to be inspired by political rhetoric that's being utilized by the former president and his supporters, and it speaks to how dangerous that really is in this country."

Asked how the continued threat of violence affects how he views his job, Fanone responded: "Law enforcement has been taking it on the chin for quite some time, and our community sees the complete lack of support and abandonment now not just from members of police-reform or traditional communities that had issues with law enforcement, but now also members of the Republican Party, who traditionally espouse support for law enforcement, no longer seem to support our department, simply because of the Jan. 6 insurrection."

Fanone also discussed newly released video that shows rioters stealing his badge and radio like "souvenirs" during a melee outside the Capitol.

"Sometimes when I watch it, I get very emotional. Seeing it now, I guess I've seen it so many times that I've just kind of disconnected myself from those moments," he said. "What's been most difficult for me is, post-Jan. 6, seeing people downplay or just lie about the events of that day, especially for political purposes or their own personal gain..."

"I remember how outraged I was when I saw Rep. (Andrew) Clyde and some of his colleagues make statements regarding Jan. 6 as being an insignificant day," Fanone continued. "It's clear to me that this violent political rhetoric, which continues to this day unfortunately ... I experienced firsthand an insurrection inspired by the head of our executive branch, Donald Trump, and his co-workers. It needs to stop."

Asked again about the threat of another similar attack, Fanone said: "It think as long as our political leaders continue to perpetuate lies, lies that fueled the Jan. 6 insurrection, and then lies regarding the Jan. 6 insurrection, there's always that possibility."

Watch the interview in two parts below.

Michael Fanone on 'New Day' Part I

Michael Fanone on 'New Day' Part II