Right-winger Michele Fiore announces gubernatorial campaign in wild video -- with backing from Proud Boys ally

Militia-adjacent Las Vegas councilwoman Michele Fiore is running for governor in Nevada, and her campaign manager helped upend the state's Republican Party by recruiting members of the Proud Boys into its ranks.

Fiore, a former state assemblywoman who backed both standoffs involving the Bundy family and federal agents, announced Tuesday she was entering the crowded GOP gubernatorial primary with a litany of right-wing grievances, reported Nevada Current.

"When I fought for our Second Amendment, the Washington Post called me a 'gun-toting calendar girl,'" Fiore said. "When I fought for the Republican ticket in 2016, Politico magazine wrote 'The lady is a Trump.' Right now, we have Republican elected officials across the country congratulating themselves for working with Pelosi and the Biden administration. You'll never hear me do that, and if you want that, vote for one of my primary opponents."

The FBI is currently investigating Fiore's campaign finances, and fellow councilwoman Victoria Seaman claims she broke her finger during an assault at City Hall, and the firebrand councilwoman survived a recall effort over her racist remarks about affirmative action, and she's also made news for cursing at a GOP colleague on the Assembly floor and using police to remove critics during a homeowners association meeting.

"Baggage is a byproduct when you fight as loudly and proudly as someone like Michele Fiore," said campaign consultant Rory McShane, after Fiore declined to take questions from reporters.

McShane carries his own baggage after the exposure of efforts by his political consulting company to recruit members of the militant Proud Boys to attend a protest over Donald Trump's election loss in North Las Vegas -- and plunging the state GOP into months of turmoil as the right-wing group angles for influence.

"We need outsiders, fighters, not the same old boring, moderate, compromised blue-blazer politicians," Fiore says in a campaign video, which shows her firing a gun at beer bottles labeled vaccine mandates, critical race theory and election fraud.

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