'He betrayed America': GOPer Mike Lee buried by Steve Schmidt for obedience to Trump 'above all'
Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) -- Phopt via Mandel Ngan for AFP)

In a series of accusatory tweets on Saturday afternoon, former GOP campaign strategist Steve Schmidt unleashed holy hell on Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) for betraying his country and his religion in the service of Donald Trump.

Schmidt, a Utah resident, used his tweets to endorse independent Evan McMullin, a former CIA agent who is challenging Lee for his seat, in part based upon Lee's attempt to help the former president steal the 2020 presidential election.

Also taking on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who Schmidt called a "feckless punk," Schmidt wrote, "@SenMikeLee received a tremendous honor. He was sent by the people of the 45th state, Utah, to stand up for them in Washington DC, under the great dome of the US Capitol as a US SENATOR. He betrayed America and tried to topple the government. He was a leader of the plot," before adding, "He chose to lead the fake elector plot. He chose to stand with the violent mob who smeared human excrement on the walls of the Capitol. Mike Lee chose a path that made him obedient to one man above all things."

Continuing in that vein, he asserted, "@SenMikeLee placed his obedience to Trump above his country, his faith and Utah. He went to Washington DC and vandalized it with his best friend Ted Cruz, another feckless punk who disgraces Texas with the same verve that Lee does Utah," before remarking, "This unfit man was raised in a cocoon of privilege. I am not a member of the LDS faith but I see the young missionaries coming back home to SLC from all over the world. Every single value those young people aspire to meet and their parents hope they reach has been desecrated."

Schmidt added, "I see a total fraud who compared Trump to Colonel Moroni, one of the great heroes of the Mormon people. Frankly, I see a doofus and I think he should be fired and replaced by the frmr CIA officer @EvanMcMullin."

You can see the entirety of his tweets below or at this link.