Mike Lindell claims Trump won by 19 million votes in rambling interview
NBC screenshot

As part of his report on Mike Lindell's weekend "MAGA Frank" rally held in New Richmond, Wisconsin over the weekend, Rolling Stone's Stephen Rodrick sat down with the MyPillow CEO who predicted a massive flip in votes should he get his wish to audit every state's presidential election results.

Describing the weekend rally as "one part far-right cosplay party featuring a series of wacky and deluded characters who hold no elective office. The other part is f*cking scary, the beforementioned hucksters hold dangerous sway over a party that in the not so distant past had presidential standard bearers named Romney and McCain," Rodrick admitted Lindell invited him to visit to talk about the past election.

With Lindell taking time out from the rally's festivities to talk about his quest to see Trump rightfully installed back in the Oval Office, Rodrick notes that Lindell seemed highly "caffeinated" when they got together -- with the Donald Trump supporter jumping from topic to topic while making the case the election was stolen.

As Rodrick wrote, "The pillow salesmen was always a Trump election truther but, according to him, it was the January 9th arrival of a trove of never really explained data that convinced Lindell — if not anyone else — that his pal was getting robbed."

"Everybody brought me everything," explained Lindell, before elaborating. "I was the last hub in the wheel, the last voice for America. All I did was put in millions of dollars to validate it." Behind Lindell, Charlotte's Web plays on a screen. It's the scene where the rat scurries around collecting treasure and garbage. "I've said it before, if I knew this had happened in reverse and Trump got put in I'd still be sounding the alarm."

Continuing in that vein, Rodrick adds, "Lindell explains that it was the Chinese Communist Party that was behind the hacks. But it is never explicitly explained how in any of his videos. His latest is 'Absolute 9-0', a reference to the fact he believes the Supreme Court will unanimously reinstate Trump as president after they see his not-disclosed information."

Asked to explain, Lindell responded, "There was 147 million were registered to vote. OK, Biden got 80 million and Trump got 75 million. That's ten million extra voters" with Rodrick noting, "In fact, over 213 million American were registered to vote, Lindell was off by just a bit, aka 66 million. He then mentions that 1.7 million Pennsylvanians requested mail-in ballots while the election count shows hundreds of thousands more, proving more fraud. In reality, Pennsylvanians requested over 3 million mail-in ballots."

"Trump won 80 million to 68 million," Lindell said (a 19 million vote swing, the Rolling Stone writer helpfully added) before continuing, "Six months from now, Trump will be our real president and our country will be heading toward its greatest rebirth in history."

As for the Capitol insurrection that followed a Trump "Stop the Steal " rally, the MyPillow CEO suggested reports on it were overblown.

"What are you talking about? Number one, I've never even watched footage of that. But in my opinion it was a setup. I've been to over 50 rallies a year. There has never been one incident. And you don't think it was a setup? Gimme a break," he explained.

Rodrick went on to add that Lindell seems to be working with "El Ex Presidente" adding, "Lindell and his squad are fighting a two-front war remarkably similar to Trump's own doomed crusade: vote fraud and Big Tech traitors."

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