Mike Lindell retains Alan Dershowitz to fight Capitol riot subpoena
Alan Dershowitz on Fox News/Screenshot

Alan Dershowitz has joined Mike Lindell's legal team as the MyPillow CEO fights a subpoena for his phone records from the House committee investigating that Capitol insurrection.

Lindell is suing the committee after Capitol riot investigators sought his Verizon phone records from between Nov. 1, 2020 and Jan. 31, 2021.

Dershowitz told KVRR he doesn’t share Lindell’s political beliefs, but agreed to join the case because the MyPillow CEO's constitutional rights need to be protected.

“It’s a great danger, particularly when the purpose is not legislative,” Dershowitz told the station. “We just don’t want Verizon to turn this over willy-nilly to a government agency, particularly a congressional committee as loaded and one-sided as this one is. ... All Americans have the right to be protected against intrusion into their private lives, into their cell phones, into their texts, unless the government can demonstrate a compelling and legitimate reason.”

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“There’s no question that they’re going after Lindell – not because he’s a Republican – but because he’s a Trump supporter and because he has raised questions, which I, as a liberal Democrat, might disagree with," Dershowitz added. "But they’re legitimate questions under the First Amendment. Questions about the legitimacy of the last election. I’m in the case to defend his free speech, not the correctness of his ideas.”

Lindell recently told the Daily Beast he is spending $1 million each month in an effort to prove the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.

Dershowitz, the retired Harvard law professor who represented Trump in his first impeachment trial, made headlines this week because he reportedly lobbied the former president to pardon Jeffrey Epstein's girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell.

"The 83-year-old lawyer — himself long accused of having sex with one of late pedophile Epstein’s teen accusers — pushed for the pardon after UK media heiress Maxwell was arrested in July 2020 for the sex-trafficking crimes she was convicted of last month," the New York Post reported Monday.