Mike Lindell fumes over arrest of Tina Peters -- and vows those who arrested her 'are going to prison'
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell (OAN).

Trump-loving Colorado clerk Tina Peters turned herself in Thursday morning on a charge of obstructing a peace officer and obstructing government operations — which stemmed from her scuffle with police on Tuesday, in which she seemingly tried to kick them as they handcuffed her.

Peters was released on $500 bond.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, a close ally of Peters', later discussed her arrest with Denver's CBS affiliate.

“Why would the county clerk, this great American, and other county clerks and other people in Colorado… why are they being attacked?” Lindell said. “Every harassment of Tina Peters goes back to, they don’t want the truth to come out about the election. Fact and that’s fact.”

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Lindell also spoke with the Colorado Times Recorder.

“Peters did nothing but be a patriot and make a copy of a corrupt thing,” Lindell said. “As the county clerk, she made a copy. She was supposed to do it. By the way, did you know other clerks in Colorado did that too? Same thing! And we have– it’s not just her. All of them did their job! (Colorado Secretary of State Jena) Griswold is trying to cover up the biggest crime in the United States history. [Law enforcement] is just going there [executing search warrants] to scare people into fear — not to speak out about Dominion, not to speak out about the election crimes that happened. Because in Colorado, they deleted the whole 2020 election! And guess what? We have what they deleted! They’re all going to prison, period. And Jena Griswold is number one on the list.”

Denver's Channel 9 has more detail about the scuffle that occurred Tuesday, when officers were trying to serve Peters with a search warrant. The station reported that police detained Peters after she allegedly tried to stop an officer from seizing an iPad.

"At this point the suspect attempted to kick back with her right leg to strike Officer Tafoya," according to an arrest affidavit. "She missed Officer Tafoya's body, but did contact Officer Tafoya's Taser and magazine pouch where they were located on Officer Tafoya's belt. I told the suspect, 'Do not kick! Do you understand!?' Sgt. Church also asked the suspect to 'please relax,' which she yelled, 'No!'"

When police tried to take Peters across the street to a patrol car, she attempted to "actively resist" by "going limp and crumbling on the sidewalk."

"The affidavit claims Peters accused an officer of working for U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland," according to the station.

"She continued talking about something pertaining to the election as I closed the patrol door, but this was indiscernible as she was almost whispering once in the car," the affidavit said.

Watch Channel 9's report below.