'Terrible for our country!' Mike Lindell throws seven-minute tantrum against judge who ruled against him in Dominion case
Mike Lindell (Photo: Screen capture)

Mike Lindell, along with Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, lost their motion to dismiss the lawsuit against them from Dominion Voting Systems in federal court.

Lindell is in South Dakota where he is hosting a days-long symposium where he promised to deliver evidence showing that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

After over 36 hours, Lindell has yet to provide that evidence. Instead, he and others explained why they needed access to more information or machines to find the evidence.

Lindell had said that his information would be so compelling that the U.S. Supreme Court would reinstate Trump in a 9-0 ruling.

When he found out that his motion to dismiss the Dominion lawsuit had been shot down, he said that America was effectively over, "nothing matters anymore." He also alleged that the timing of the court ruling was politically motivated.

"This judge -- someone either got to him or he's part of this," Lindell ranted. The judge in the case, District Judge Carl J. Nichols, was appointed by President Donald Trump on June 18, 2018. "You know what? You couldn't wait two more days, Nichols? Two more days?"

Lindell's rant lasted for approximately seven minutes before he then began turning to rant about the cable news networks.

"This is — this is news to me," Lindell began. "I've read this for the first time. This is really bad for our country. Everybody they — everybody needs to really listen up. On the first day here, I told you that that case checked with Dominion. I said it didn't mean anything, except for one thing when they shoot everybody over to under lawsuits. Well, there it was sitting in Washington, D.C. that was Giuliani, Sidney Powell myself, MyPillow. All these all these cases. That judge hits out there and said, you know what I'm going to do. I'm going to take this under. He hadn't decided yet if it could move forward, and Alan Dershowitz told me this is the most important case in history for our First Amendment rights of free speech. Now, in my case against Dominion, MyPillow in Minneapolis, we went when we filed that a couple months ago after their loss, shoot the lawyer — the law firm that we hired — they fired the lawyer the next day after he had filed it. That's just one thing."

He continued: "Then the judge — there they were hit fed up with Dominion. Cause Dominion wouldn't bring in — whatever they had to bring in, um I don't know what it was whenever there first thing too bring in stuff for the case. They didn't get it there in time. They missed the deadline and the judgment of said, 'I'll give you your Money or till Tuesday. I think it was — it was after the Fourth of July. They didn't come up with — they didn't make it in time of the judge said stopped and said, I'm going to wait till the D.C. judge decides. Now, let me tell you if that judge decided to let these cases could move forward, everything your right to free speech everyone out there that spoke up against his machines — every single one, now you wouldn't be able to go on any of these media. All this. You wouldn't be able to say, Mark SuckerBuck, you want to be able to have an opinion! You wouldn't be able — if you did, you'd be in fear of getting sued for everything. Well, this happened. What timing? Everybody here's the — put it back up on the screen. What timing? This is just new to me. The federal judge just put in this afternoon Dominion Voting Systems can move forward with defamation lawsuits against Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, are you just reading this for the first time stream? Do you believe that? That is horrible? Everybody your First Amendment rights of free speech just got blown out of the water. And what timing isn't this timing? You see what he put up on the border earlier. This is terrible for our country. It doesn't matter you — none of you out there need to worry about me. We've got — but this is your right. Sydney — and this is just the start. There are over 200 lawsuits now that Dominion's filed for threatening letters, that means all of them can move forward because that set the precedent for our country. What are you out there say something bad about the vaccine company. Say something bad about Tom. I don't know your neighbor. It's over. You can get sued for everything. Now, nothing matters anymore."

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