MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell spins new conspiracy about dead people using prison addresses to vote against Trump
Lindell TV/screen grab

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has another wild conspiracy theory to explain Donald Trump's election loss.

The right-wing pillow magnate claims, without any evidence or sourcing, that tens of thousands of people voted using fictitious addresses and phone numbers to push Joe Biden over the top in Wisconsin, a key battleground state previously won by Trump in 2016, reported Newsweek.

"If you can pull up, I'm going to show you guys in Wisconsin, just an example, how 23,000 people voted using a prison address and used the same phone number," Lindell said during an interview posted on his namesake website, "and a lot of them were people that turned out, as we dove into it, they're not alive anymore, they just used their names obviously, and they don't live in Wisconsin."

Lindell did not explain how he uncovered this alleged fraud or how so many voters were able to use fraudulent identities without detection by election officials, and he did not identify which prison he was discussing.

The conspiracy-mongering Lindell has been sued, along with former Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, for defamation in a $1.3 billion complaint filed by Dominion Voting Systems over lies they spread about their equipment in an effort to overturn the former president's loss.

Lindell has been banished from Twitter and Fox News for spreading election misinformation.