Trump rules out Pence as running mate: ‘Mike committed political suicide’ on Jan. 6
Vice President Mike Pence. Image via Shutterstock.

If Donald Trump runs again for president in 2024, he'll definitely have a new running mate.

The twice-impeached former president told New York Times reporter Peter Baker and New Yorker reporter Susan Glasser, the husband-and-wife authors of The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021, that he had ruled out Mike Pence as running mate because he refused to help overturn his election loss, according to excerpts published by The Guardian.

“It would be totally inappropriate,” Trump told the authors. “Mike committed political suicide."

Pence presided over the congressional certification of Joe Biden's electoral win, but he refused to go along with a scheme pushed by Trump to reject election results from states won by Joe Biden.

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A mob of supporters that he knew to be armed then stormed the U.S. Capitol, as Trump tweeted attacks on Pence -- who was threatened with hanging by chanting rioters -- and witnesses testified before the Jan. 6 committee that the vice president and his Secret Service details narrowly escaped some of the attackers inside the building.

Pence, who appears to be planning a 2024 presidential campaign of his own, writes in his forthcoming memoir that he was "angry" but "not afraid" during the insurrection, and a source told Baker and Glasser that he remained steadfastly loyal to Trump up until the riot.

“The most [he] would say of Trump was, ‘He’s like an untamed lion who came into the city,'" the source who worked with Pence told the authors. “When this person expressed pointed criticism, the vice-president would simply reply, ‘Well, we’re praying for him.’”