Mike Pence's 'fundamental miscalculation' about Trump is blowing up in his face: reporter
Mike Pence / Gage Skidmore.

Atlantic reporter McKay Coppins appeared on CNN Wednesday to discuss his recent reporting on Republican voters' views of Mike Pence, and he said it was becoming clear that the former vice president has no constituency within the GOP.

Coppins said that Trump supporters loathed Pence for not throwing out certified presidential election results, while more Trump-skeptical Republicans resent Pence for being so slavishly loyal to Trump for so long.

"I think this was the fundamental miscalculation that Mike Pence made," he said. "He thought that by being incredibly loyal, incredibly willing to cover for Trump to defend Trump to offer fawning praise of Trump throughout his presidency, he would win goodwill with the Trump base."

In reality, argued Coppins, Pence came off to Republican voters of all stripes as an opportunist rather than as someone who could be counted on to do the right thing.

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"Voters just don't like that," he said. "They want a candidate who they think is following his gut and doing what he thinks is right and they don't see that when they look at Mike Pence."

Pence has not officially announced a run for the 2024 GOP nomination but he has repeatedly teased an intention to do so.

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