Mike Pence buried by former senior aide for 'humiliating' himself and pandering to Trump
Mike Pence, Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC's "Ali Velshi Show' with fill-in host Maria Teresa Kumar, a former senior aide to Mike Pence lamented his inability to turn on Donald Trump and complained that the former vice president is doing nothing other than "humiliating'' himself as he tests the presidential waters.

Speaking with the host, former Pence national security adviser Olivia Troye claimed her former boss needs to stand up to the former president while at the same time suggesting that Pence's bid to be the GOP presidential nominee in 2024 is going nowhere.

"If you are planning to run for president, and he wants to be in that Oval Office, start fighting for yourself!" Troye told the host. "Whether you're going to actually take a stand for yourself and actually start to make a difference here -- so, far I'm not seeing that."

"It's embarrassing," she continued. "I think it's completely humiliating to him to continue to pander, especially this week. What I've been seeing is someone who has basically become a Trump apologist. I think that is completely humiliating for someone who was almost killed by the man!"

"It's infuriating to watch, to be honest, and that's for somebody who worked for him," she added.

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As for Pence saying he would not testify before the Jan 6 House committee, she added, "I think he's trying to cover for the Trump base of the party, unfortunately. I think he's trying to court those voters still, which is a losing proposition, because those voters were the ones who showed up at the Capitol to kill you, by the way. Let's not forget that in the background."

"I think, you know, I actually think that was disappointing," she explained. "I think he should want to talk to the American people."

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