GOP sending clear signals they’ll ‘scream and shout’ and ‘blow everything up’ if they win in November: Morning Joe
Lauren Boebert / Gage Skidmore

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough warned that Republicans intend to "blow everything up" if they retake congressional majorities next month.

The "Morning Joe" host has been noticing more calls to impeach President Joe Biden from supposedly mainstream conservatives, after the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected GOP challenges to his laws and executive orders, and he thinks that's a preview of the agenda they'll pursue with midterm election wins.

"I have noticed an uptick in conservative publications that I read from people that I've respected in the past, and I respect a lot of the other things they write about, but suddenly talking about impeach Joe Biden, he's a lawless president, look what he did with the student loan program -- it's lawless," Scarborough said. "Our constitution is at risk, and how dare he do this, and how dare people ever say that Donald Trump was a risk to the constitution when he's doing this, and Amy Coney Barrett goes, well, we're not even going to take this case."

"I remember saying at the time to one of them, well, why don't you go through the process and if the Supreme Court rules that it's unconstitutional -- you don't have to impeach a president, just overturn the law," Scarborough said. "That's really how it works, unless you just want to blow everything up, which is of course what apparently they want to do, they want to scream and shout impeach like they're owning the libs because they somehow think that something that's now been deemed constitutional is as bad as Donald Trump actually being part of a conspiracy to commit sedition against the United States government. I'm afraid this may be a preview of what we see in Kevin McCarthy's majority."

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