MSNBC's Morning Joe calls for filibuster's end to save democracy from 'fascist' Republicans

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough called on Democrats to kill the filibuster to get a voting rights bill passed over the objections of "fascist" Republicans.

The "Morning Joe" host said his former party had revealed itself to irredeemable after Georgia's state legislature passed a bill sharply restricting access to voting, and he said that revealed the moral bankruptcy of the party still led by former president Donald Trump.

"Even grassroots Republicans know their day is done," Scarborough said. "They can only win if they push illiberal, anti-democratic measures through state legislatures. That's why, though I am always talking about the need for parties to come together, I'm always talking about finding that middle ground, what do I say all the time that drives you crazy? There's always a deal to be made in Congress, there's always a deal to be made in diplomacy. There's always a deal to be made in politics."

But he said that's clearly not possible anymore with today's Republican Party, and he said Democrats must end the filibuster to pass the For The People Act.

"If Joe Manchin thinks, and Joe's a really good friend of mine, but I had somebody tell me that Joe is thinking that he's going to get a bipartisan HR-1 bill through the United States Senate," Scarborough said. "If Joe thinks a single Republican is going to work with him to try to do that, you know what, just count me skeptical. This is who the Republican Party has chosen to be. They chose to kowtow to Donald Trump for four years and to follow a fascist. Look at the definition of fascist, this isn't hyperbole. Just look it up on Wikipedia. So they decided for four years to follow blindly a fascist. He's left town. What have they decided now, again, I can't imagine how stupid they are politically."