Trump backers learning the hard way that they can't get away with breaking the law like he does: Morning Joe

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said MAGA followers are finding out the hard way that the impunity that Donald Trump seems to enjoy doesn't extend to them.

Newly obtained surveillance video shows Cathy Latham, a former Republican Party official from Georgia who's now under criminal investigation for posing as a fake elector, escorting a group of pro-Trump operatives into Coffee County's election office on Jan. 7, 2021 -- the same day a voting system there was breached -- and the "Morning Joe" host said she'll suffer the fate of other insurrectionists.

"When you look at all of these people, breaking all of these laws, all over the country, thinking that they live in a world that's not only a post-fact world, but a post-law world, and they really believed because Donald Trump always seemed to get away with breaking the law," Scarborough said. "That they could just break the law. And now we're seeing that actually, they're all feeling gravity's pull. That this was not a vacation from history. This is not a vacation from criminality."

"I think for millions and millions of Americans that probably don't even like what Joe Biden is doing right now, this is a relief, this is a relief that actually in America, if you break the law, you still -- there are consequences," Scarborough continued. "I know the Republican Party wants to defund the FBI. I know the Republican Party doesn't care if cops are beaten up on Capitol steps within an inch of their life. I know the Republican Party talks about rioting in the streets if the head of their party is actually held to the same legal standard of everybody else."

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"But I think it's a relief for a lot of independents, a lot of swing voters, a lot of people who aren't a member of either tribe, that, my God, laws still matter in this country, and these people are getting rolled up by authorities for going out of their way to breaking the law, whether it was battering and abusing cops on Jan. 6, trying to beat them to death with American flags, or whether it's, you know, and it's not just criminal, it's also civil. If you lie about election workers, you're going to pay the consequences, like there are actually guard rails in America's democracy, even if Donald Trump tried to convince millions of Americans that there were not."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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