Marjorie Taylor Greene: Ashli Babbitt was actually trying to stop the rioters from entering the Capitol

In a video posted to her social media channels, Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed without evidence that Ashli Babbitt, the woman shot and killed by a Capitol Police Officer on Jan. 6 as she tried to jump through a door's broken window that led to the Speaker's Lobby, posed no threat and was actually trying to stop the rioters.

Greene described Babbitt as an "unarmed woman" who is "on video hitting someone in the face that was breaking the glass to go in to the Speaker's Lobby."

"Ashli Babbitt was someone that was trying to stop them from going in," Greene said. "And that's on video and there's proof of it."

Greene is likely referring to conspiracy theories circulated by Trump supporters claiming that Babbitt was fighting back against an "antifa false flag" that took place that day. One video that has gained traction in pro-Trump circles claims Babbitt "was trying to stop those people from busting up the place, and then had to flee from them. That’s why she went through the window, and then got shot, got assassinated by that f------- rent-a-cop."

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An Air Force veteran who served in Iraq and voted for America's first Black president, Babbitt died wrapped in a flag bearing the name of Donald Trump, the populist billionaire who still insists he won an election that he lost by a wide margin.

Her journey of radical transformation mirrors that of many of the supporters of the real estate tycoon, who, on January 6, 2021, was desperately seeking to preserve his divisive presidency.

That day, Congress was gathering to certify the election of Joe Biden as 46th president of the United States.

Watch Greene in the video below or at this link.

With additional reporting from AFP.

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