Another large retailer has quietly pulled MyPillow from their shelves over election fraud fall-out: report

On Saturday, Business Insider reported that bulk retailer Costco appears to be quietly taking MyPillow products out of stock — although they won't comment publicly on the matter.

"The brand's products seem to have disappeared from the retailer's website," reported Grace Dean. "Insider spoke to a customer service worker from Costco via the company's website, who said there seemed to be no MyPillow products in stock at any of its stores near Brooklyn. They confirmed that none were listed for sale for online orders."

"Insider asked Costco whether it had cut ties with the brand. The retailer declined to comment," continued the report. "This is a change from January, when Costco said that it had 'contractual commitments to MyPillow that we intend to honor' when asked for comment."

This comes after MyPillow was pulled from a number of other retailers including Bed, Bath & Beyond and Kohls.

MyPillow, which in previous years drew criticism for unsupported health claims and deceptive marketing practices, has become a lightning rod for controversy as pro-Trump CEO Mike Lindell has embraced election conspiracy theories, which has led to a $1.3 billion-dollar lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems.

Undaunted by the legal action, Lindell has doubled down on his behavior, claiming he will file a lawsuit that puts Trump back in office by August, suggesting Fox News may be "in on" the anti-Trump conspiracy, and promising he'll create a billion-member social network where anti-vaxx content is allowed.