'Enraged' homeowners calling cops on Trump supporters as they go door to door looking for voter fraud

According to a report from Buzzfeed News on members of the New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group who are going door to door throughout their state attempting to find evidence of 2020 presidential election fraud, homeowners are not pleased at the intrusions and have been calling city officials and police to complain.

As the report notes so-called "grassroots" groups have taken to pounding the pavement and attempting to talk to voters in multiple states -- including New Hampshire, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Utah, and Nebraska -- hoping to prove that Donald Trump was deprived of re-election due to massive voter fraud.

Focusing on New Hampshire, Buzzfeed's Sarah Mimms reports that voters in the state are not taking the attempts to change the election results lying down.

Reporting on one exchange between a homeowner and a member of the Integrity Group who would only give his first name as Dean, Mimms wrote, "The homeowner knew right away something was up, he said later in an interview. He didn’t go to answer the door, but spoke to the man through his Ring camera, pressing him on what exactly the New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group was and who they represented," adding Dean told the person answering the door, "[We] took a look at the election so we’re a little concerned about what happened, so we’re, uh, checking.”

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That led to the following exchange, "The homeowner, a Democrat, tells him to go to hell and get off his property. 'That’ll be a nice trip, thank you,' Dean replies cheerfully in the security footage as he turns to leave. 'I’ll see you there.'"

That exchange, the report points out, was not an anomalous event.

"Around town that Saturday in early October, other people were knocking on doors — specific ones, the rare ones where people actually live year-round — asking about the 2020 election. They had information on the residents, their names, whether they voted and if they did so in-person or absentee. In response, two Waterville Valley residents called the cops, according to a police report," Mimms wrote before adding city officials are also getting calls from aggravated homeowners.

"Rye Town Clerk Donna Decotis said her town got 'an abundance' of calls from concerned residents when the New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group started knocking on doors there. She advised them of their rights: 'They did not have to speak. They do not have to open the door,'" the report continues.

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Noting that members of the group are explicitly told "to not to talk about any political party and never to ask who someone voted for," one resident who didn't want to give his name out of fear of retaliation explained what happened after he answered the door.

"One Waterville Valley resident said that’s exactly what two people at his doorway asked him — at which point he gave them five seconds to leave. The canvassers did clear out, but the man said he was furious that 'two dumbasses' had come calling asking about personal information," Mimms reported, adding that he told her, " “I was enraged. I am to this day offended at the whole notion that there was any widescale election fraud. … I was like, sputtering mad. I called the police dispatch.”

Explaining that he believes there is more to the visits than just asking about 2020, he continued, "Once you start knocking on people’s doors and telling them that you’re part of a volunteer organization trying to hunt out voter fraud, you got to imagine that part of it is they’re looking for disciples.”

Another homeowner from Waterville Valley, who gave her name as Whitney, echoed those comments.

Pointing out that the encounter "just felt stranger as the conversation went on," she added, "I just assumed by the end of the conversation they were looking to prove voter fraud in favor of Trump. Primarily because who else is talking about an election that’s way over?”

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