White nationalists fume over MAGA ‘free speech’ site’s ban on racist term ‘groyper’
RSBN host Nick Fuentes -- Twitter

White nationalists are fuming after the MAGA "free speech" site Gettr suspended the account of one of their leaders.

"The ardently pro-Trump social media site has been under attack by white nationalist 'groypers,' avid followers of Unite the Right attendee Nicholas Fuentes since the platform booted him earlier this week," the Daily Beast reported Friday, adding that Fuentes' supporters responded by spamming the Twitter alternative launched earlier this year by former Trump adviser Jason Miller.

"On Thursday night, Gettr started to block users from posting the word 'groyper,' which originates from a variation of the Pepe the Frog meme with extremely racist undertones," the Daily Beast reported.

A spokesperson for Gettr told the Daily Beast that Fuentes violated "clearly defined terms of use and has been suspended from the platform."

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Fuentes said Thursday night on his show, “Apparently, my Gettr ban, some are saying Steve Bannon did it, some are saying someone else did it, but that is bad news either way.”

He also wrote on the chat app Telegram, "Gettr has banned use of the word 'groyper' lol. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Those rallying behind Fuentes include right-wing Arizona state Rep. Wendy Rogers, who posted "Grooooyper" from her GETTR account to evade the ban. Another user referred to the dispute as "Groyper War II."

"Trouble on the Gettr website isn't a new phenomenon," the Daily Beast reports. "When the platform launched in July, it was immediately hacked. The social platform geared towards the MAGA set has since become a goldmine for hackers."