Nikki Haley hit with intense backlash over Taliban op-ed: 'We need a time machine to undo her bad decisions'
Former Ambassador Nikki Haley (screengrab)

Nikki Haley drew an intensely negative reaction to her op-ed bashing President Joe Biden's handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The former ambassador to the United Nations tried to shift blame for the crisis away from former president Donald Trump's peace agreement with the Taliban during an appearance Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation," and she followed up the next day with a Washington Post column that doesn't even mention the administration she served.

"The United States should refuse recognition until the Taliban proves over many years that it's part of the civilized world," Haley wrote. "There's precedent for holding back. It took 30 years for the United States to recognize Communist China and 20 years to recognize Communist Vietnam. In other cases, we never acknowledged the claims of horrible regimes and rulers, such as Pol Pot in Cambodia. Given what we know and what's happening now, the Taliban should be treated no differently."

The piece didn't go over well.