'No longer inevitable': British admiral casts doubt Putin's 'decimated' forces can win in Ukraine
Photo via AFP

Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Morning program, the head of Britain’s Armed Forces speculated that Vladimir Putin's "decimated" military forces currently involved in the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine will not be able to provide him with the victory he desires.

Cautioning that he expects the Russian president to ramp up attacks on Ukrainian armed forces and citizens, Admiral Tony Radakin claimed the incursion "is not going well," reports the Independent.

After stating that the invasion is "is not going well" for Russia, Radakin added that a combination of factors are bedeviling Putin both in Ukraine and in the western world in general.

"I think we’ve seen a Russian invasion that is not going well," he explained. "I think we’re also seeing remarkable resistance by Ukraine, both its armed forces and its people, and we’re seeing the unity of the whole globe coming together, applying pressure to Russia."

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“Russia is suffering, Russia is an isolated power. It is less powerful than it was 10 days ago," he added.

Some of the lead elements of Russian forces have been decimated by the Ukrainian response. You’ve also seen basic failures in terms of maintenance and their kit failing," he elaborated before cautioning, "I think there is a real risk because Russia is struggling with its objectives on the ground in Ukraine - and we’ve seen from Russia’s previous actions in Syria and in Chechnya - where it will turn up the violence, it will lead to more indiscriminate killing and more indiscriminate destruction."

Speaking with Sky News, Radakin also said Russian military members need to be cognizant that they could be convicted of war crimes over their actions in Ukraine at the behest of Putin.

You can watch his interview with Sky News below:

Ukraine Invasion: Admiral Sir Tony Radakin says 'Russia is a lesser power this week' youtu.be