DOJ audio shows Oath Keepers' founder said he 'regretted' that Jan 6 rioters didn't bring more firearms
MSNBC screenshot

Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the right-wing militia group the Oath Keepers, was recorded on audio days after Jan. 6 Capitol riot saying that rioters should have brought more weapons, NBC News reports.

“My only regret is that they should have brought rifles,” Rhodes said in a recording from Jan. 10 played by the government during opening statements in the seditious conspiracy trial of Rhodes and his co-defendants Kelly Meggs, Kenneth Harrelson, Jessica Watkins and Thomas Caldwell.

Rhodes added that rioters could’ve “fixed it right then and there” if they had weapons with them at the Capitol.

According to the Justice Department, Oath Keepers under the leadership of Rhodes plotted to oppose the peaceful transfer of power, stockpiling guns in "quick reaction forces" just outside of D.C.

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His lawyers say he followed D.C.'s strict gun laws, "which they say is an indication that he would have only acted upon an order from then-President Donald Trump. But the audio recording and other evidence prosecutors presented Monday suggest that Rhodes planned to disrupt certification of the presidential election regardless of what Trump said," NBC News' reports stated.

Rhodes' attorneys also plan to argue that he believed his actions on Jan. 6 to be legal.

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