Two Patriot Boys arrested on Jan. 6 charges -- including #PoleTosser who 'swung' at Michael Fanone
Lucas Denney pushes against Officer Michael Fanone in the Capitol tunnel. (Credit: US Department of Justice)

The FBI has arrested Lucas Denney, a Texas man who taunted the agency with vitriolic social media posts and posed with high-profile Republican leaders like Sen. Ted Cruz after online sleuths nicknamed him #PoleTosser for hurling a wooden pole at law enforcement officers during the violent confrontation on the west plaza of the US Capitol on Jan. 6.

The 44-year-old Denney of Mansfield, a suburb south of Fort Worth, is the president of a Three Percenter-oriented group called Patriot Boys that has been active in anti-vax rallies and vigilante patrols along the US-Mexico border this year. The FBI also arrested Donald Hazard, 43, of Hurst, Texas. Both men are charged with assaulting, resisting and impeding certain officers with a dangerous weapon or resulting in bodily injury.

The government alleges that Denney used social media to recruit members to join the Patriot Boys and travel to Washington DC on Jan. 6, and that Denney and Hazard began discussing plans for the trip as early as Dec. 25. Hazard also allegedly recruited others to join Patriot Boys. According to the government, Denney and Hazard, both outfitted in tactical gear, joined rioters on the west side of the Capitol on Jan. 6.

The government also identified Hazard as the sergeant of arms for the Patriot Boys.

Denney is accused of grabbing and shoving an officer at about 2:14 p.m. as the initial wave of rioters swarmed law enforcement on the west plaza. According to the government, Denney also attempted to grab a canister of crowd-control spray away from another officer, and swung a long metal pole at an officer.

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Later, open-source video shows that Denney advance to the Lower West Terrace and entered the tunnel, joining in a “heave-ho” push by rioters against a line of Metropolitan police officers. Video shows that Denney was in close proximity to Officer Michael Fanone when rioters dragged him into the crowd and assaulted him. The government alleges that while he on the steps leading up to the Capitol building, Denney "swung his arm and fist" at Fanone, "pulling the officer further down the stairs outside the building.”

Meanwhile, charging documents allege that Hazard joined a crowd of rioters inside the Parliamentarian’s office. According to the government, footage shows Hazard grappling with US Capitol police officers as he fell down the stairs under scaffolding erected on the west side of the Capitol. The government alleges that Hazard fought with one officer identified only as "TS" as they were both falling, and that the officer was knocked unconscious and sustained injuries to his head.

A second officer, identified as "TL," told investigators that as Hazard and Officer TS were falling, Officer TL attempted to grab Officer TS's gun belt and cover his service weapon because he was concerned Hazard might grab it. According to the charging document, he overheard Hazard yelling to the crowd: "Get the gun!"

The charging document for Denney and Hazard quotes from a Dec. 25, 2020 text exchange between the two men. Denney reportedly opened the conversation by telling Hazard his expenses for the trip to DC would be covered, adding, "I'm making you a sergeant at arms."

During the Dec. 25 text exchange, Denney told Hazard that he had been in communication with unidentified members of the Proud Boys, a group that would go on to play an outside role in the Jan. 6 assault. Hundreds of members of the Proud Boys had overtaken the streets in downtown Washington DC after a Dec. 12 rally to support President Trump, picking fights with counter-protesters and local residents.

"So the 6th is going to be bigger than the last rally," Denney told Hazard. I can't tell you everything I know over media here but it's gonna be big. Millions and millions will be there I can tell you that.

"We will need linking up with the proud boys though," he added. "I've been in contact with a few different chapters and they're helping us out with safe hotels to get. We'll be staying in the same hotels that they are."

Denney and Hazard were both arrested on Monday.

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Denney was arrested in Brackettville, a town near the US-Mexico border that is 400 miles from his home in Mansfield. Denney helped organize members of the Patriot Boys to travel to Kinney County, whose seat of government is Brackettville, after the local sheriff appeared in an interview on the Gateway Pundit website to discuss his plans to step up immigration enforcement efforts.

Denney and Hazard made their initial appearances in federal court in Texas today, according to the government, and both are in jail awaiting detention hearings.