'Sovereign citizen' MAGA rioter representing herself demands to be released from jail so she can 'review' the evidence
Pauline Bauer (Department of Justice)

On Tuesday, NBC4 Washington's Scott MacFarlane, the key reporter covering the January 6 Capitol insurrection cases, reported that Pauline Bauer, one of the defendants in the riot who is representing herself, is demanding to be released from jail so that she can "review" the evidence against her.

"Because Ms. Bauer is self-representing, she has a marked need to review discovery fully and thoroughly," she wrote in her filing. "That need is more pronounced than in the run-of-the-mill case where a defendant is represented by counsel. The resource and time limitations caused by her detention would not be present were she able to review discovery while at her home."

Bauer is a member of the "Sovereign Citizen" movement, which is infamous for making gibberish filings when challenged in court, and has been linked to acts of violence and terrorism.

In Bauer's case, she was jailed after a series of self-destructive meltdowns in court, shouting at the judge, claiming that the court has "no dominion over a living soul," and demanding that authorities "drop all charges against my VESSEL."

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