Democrats prepare for post-election battle in Pennsylvania as Trump allies already claiming fraud
Mehmet Oz and Donald Trump (Photom by Ed Jones for AFP)

Democrats are already girding for a post-election battle in Pennsylvania, where the national party is telling candidates to find lawyers to fight looming legal challenges to the results.

Donald Trump has been telling allies to use “scorched-earth legal tactics” to challenge any losses -- especially in the Keystone State -- and Republican lawmakers and conservative media hosts are already laying the groundwork for fraud claims, reported The Daily Beast.

“On Nov. 9, they’ll be telling you that John Fetterman got 81 million votes in Pennsylvania, and they’ll threaten to put you in jail if you don’t believe that,” Tucker Carlson said Wednesday night on his highly watched Fox News program. “Why wouldn’t they? It worked for Joe Biden.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent an email this week to candidates in the state urging them to “identify a local attorney for your campaign" who would be available to help on Election Day and afterward in response to increasing chatter from Trump allies about election fraud.

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"MAGA Republicans are trying to undermine confidence in our elections because they know when more people vote, they lose,” said DCCC spokesperson James Singer when asked about the email. “The DCCC is fighting to ensure Pennsylvanians know how easy, safe, and secure it is to vote and to ensure every eligible ballot gets counted."

Despite the ominous comments from Carlson and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who misleadingly questioned why the state didn't count mail-in votes before Election Day, Republicans insist they aren't doing enough to prepare for legal challenges after the votes are cast.

“Save America [Trump’s PAC] and none of these other places are trained to set up election workers -- they just aren’t,” said a GOP strategist with knowledge of the preparations. “It’s unfortunate nothing is going on, but he doesn’t have the organization.”

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