Piers Morgan needles Trump with 'leaked footage' of his 'supposed friend' railing against him

There's been quite the debate as to whether there was a genuine blow-up during Piers Morgan's recent interview with former president Donald Trump. A trailer released by Rupert Murdoch's Talk TV appears to show Trump berating Morgan as he stalks out of the interview.

Initially Trump denied that he walked out in a huff. Then he claimed that Morgan and his people performed an "unlawful" editing of the video to make it appear that the two argued when the British TV host questioned the former president about lies about the 2020 presidential election. The full interview is scheduled to debut on Monday, April 25.

Brexit proponent Nigel Farage also came to Trump's defense, telling Express.co.uk, "There is no way, absolutely no way, no way at all, that Trump stormed out of that meeting. It’s a completely inaccurate, dishonest representation of what happened.”

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Based on Morgan's tweet today, it appears he's not willing to let the incident slide by.

In what he called "leaked footage" - in which he did leaking - Morgan posted a video clip in which Farage blasts Trump for his policies. The tweet admonished Donald Trump, Jr., to "know what a treacherous disingenuous little snake you're dealing with."

In the video clip, Farage at first appears to side with Trump on his political views but then expresses concern about the then-presidential candidate's policy proposals. "There's much about his agenda and manner that I find pretty worrying," Farage said.