Federal prosecutor concerned he's seeing more fear of MAGA violence than his mafia cases
Thousands of Trump supporters gather at the Supreme Court to show their support for President Trump after the election. (Shutterstock.com)

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said, in passing, that when he was trying cases in Washington, D.C., involving the mafia, he witnessed less security at the courthouse than he did in Fulton County, Georgia and in New York.

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace argued that the actions in New York are coming as a result of former Attorney General Bill Barr using Michael Cohen as the scapegoat for Donald Trump. In Georgia, however, she argued, it is something that Attorney General Merrick Garland should have addressed years ago.

"You know, Nicolle," Kirschner began, "I tried not one but two RICO cases in the courts of Washington, D.C., where we impaneled anonymous juries because of the danger the criminal organization we were prosecuting posed to jurors, to witnesses, to prosecutors. Though frankly, we were less concerned than we were for the jurors and the witnesses. And I don't think we saw one-tenth the security measures that we are seeing necessary up in New York and down in Georgia as a result of the conduct of Donald Trump. Conduct that, as you say, should have been addressed by the federal government more than a year ago."

Wallace pulled out a list made during her commercial break of those that have been attacked or threatened as a result of Trump's public comments. She listed off the IRS, the National Archives, the FBI's Cincinnati field office, and the Justice Department are all under a heightened threat level because of Donald Trump. If an international group had done that, the U.S. would label them a terrorist group.

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"So, the notion that Donald Trump is a federal problem is established by the federal government in terms of their threat posture to protect themselves," said Wallace. "That said, to your point, the people being threatened by Donald Trump on social media are Alvin Bragg with a baseball bat, Fani Willis with harsh attacks that Donald Trump disseminates to his millions of followers on social media. And I'll just say this: part of what exposes them, what makes them the highest point, is that nothing has happened at the federal level. It's this perception maybe they aren't federal crimes. But in both instances, in the hush-money case, the federal government already alleged he was an unindicted co-conspirator with Michael Cohen, who went to jail for the same crime. Michael Cohen didn't have sex and wasn't running for office. So, the person who committed the crime and benefitted from it was Trump in the eyes of SDNY."

The SDNY was under the jurisdiction of Trump's own Justice Department at the time.

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