'Last straw': MAGA rioter could be headed back to jail after telling CNN he’d storm Capitol again

Earlier this week, Jan. 6 insurrectionist Josh Pruitt appeared on CNN and indicated he would storm the Capitol again.

Now, federal prosecutors are seeking to revoke Pruitt's pretrial release and lock him up, pointing to his nationally televised statements, as well as numerous curfew violations and threats he's allegedly made against his ex-girlfriend and others.

Pruitt, a member of the Proud Boys who was living in DC at the time of the insurrection, has a long rap sheet, including 19 prior arrests and eight convictions, WUSA Channel 9 reported Friday.

In fact, Pruitt was on probation and wearing an ankle monitor when he stormed the Capitol, where he fought with police and was seen on surveillance video throwing a “Quiet Please” sign across the atrium. He was arrested later that night for violating curfew in DC, but subsequently released under "a high-intensity supervision program" after being charged in the insurrection.

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"According to a brief filed Thursday by the Justice Department, Pruitt has violated those conditions multiple times," WUSA reported.

While on pretrial release, Pruitt was sentenced to another term of probation for violating two civil protection orders.

"According to the DOJ, in a victim impact statement in that case, Pruitt’s former girlfriend described fear that Pruitt would hit her and receiving a 'barrage' of text messages and video clips, including threats, 'some of which depict Pruitt playing with a knife or standing outside her apartment building,'" the station reported.

In addition to his ex-girlfriend, Pruitt has allegedly been threatening others on social media.

"In various messages, Pruitt allegedly threatened to put someone 'six feet under' and said in another, in reference to the rounds in a Glock-19, that, 'I have 30 friends waiting for you.' In still another message, prosecutors say, he warned, '[Expletive] around and watch your pulse disappear princess.'"

Earlier this week, pretrial services officials filed a report alleging Pruitt had recently committed seven new curfew violations.

“The curfew violations here are the last straw,” prosecutors wrote in their brief seeking to revoke his pretrial release.

“Pruitt violated both probation and pretrial release conditions the moment he set foot in the Capitol," they wrote. “Breaching the Capitol while being on GPS monitoring displayed a brazen disregard for the rule of law. When he was arrested that night, defendant was not honest with police: he told them he had sought to de-escalate. Throwing furniture is not de-escalating. From January 6, then, there were strong indications that Pruitt was not amenable to supervision, based on his criminal history and his conduct that day. There were also indications of danger, as seen in the violent images Pruitt posted and his confrontations with law enforcement and destruction of property on January 6.”

Pointing to the CNN interview, prosecutors said Pruitt had admitted “to a willingness to storm the Capitol again (but for the risk of getting caught).”

“He appears unable to refrain from threatening others and is unrepentant regarding his actions on January 6,” prosecutors wrote. “The Court has trusted Pruitt for the past year, and Pruitt has abused that trust. The government respectfully requests that the Court revoke Pruitt’s pretrial release.”

Pruitt is scheduled to appear in court in response to the brief next week.

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