Popular QAnon leader accused of pushing followers into adopting neo-Nazism: report
Photo via Olivier Touron/AFP

Ever searching for fringe positions to adopt, one of QAnon's most popular leaders and influencers -- unwittingly or not -- tried to introduce his followers to neo-Nazism, reports Vice's David Gilbert.

With interest in Donald Trump's loss of the 2020 presidential election fading, and "Q's" promise of the "Storm" where Joe Biden would be ousted and Trump would be restored to the Oval Office failing to materialize, Gilbert reports that John Sabal, who goes by "QAnon John," pushed a neo-Nazi film that he linked to on Sunday night to his 70,000 followers.

According to the report, Sabal is preparing for a "For God and Country: Patriot Double Down" conference in Las Vegas later this week and on "...Sunday night he took time out of his busy schedule to share a post about people who had praised "Europa – the Last Battle." It's a 10-part film that claims Jews created Communism and deliberately started both world wars as part of a plot to found Israel by provoking the innocent Nazis, who were only defending themselves."

"If you want to know the truth, well look no further. Here it is, escape the matrix and watch it today," the post stated.

"While this film has been shared by some of QAnon's more fringe and extremist figures, the fact Sabal feels emboldened to share it so publicly is a testament to how antisemitic thinking has become normalized within the movement," Gilbert added, before noting comments attached to the post indicated that Sabal's followers were receptive to taking a look with one naysayer being shot down and accused of being part of the "deep state."

Writing, "After Sabal's comments were highlighted by extremist researchers on Twitter, the posts mysteriously disappeared from his channel. The video series is very well-known in extremist circles, yet apparently Sabal shared it completely innocently with his tens of thousands of followers," the Vice reports notes that one Sabal defender explained, "He had no idea that there was any anti-Semitism connected to that film. He has never even watched the movie. It was referred to him by a supposed 'trusted' source.'"

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