Jimmy Kimmel mocks QAnon followers still waiting for JFK Jr. in Dallas
QAnon supporters (Shutterstock)

Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night mocked QAnon followers who are still gathered in Dallas waiting for John F. Kennedy Jr.'s return.

Noting that they first gathered two weeks ago, Kimmel played a clip of QAnon followers singing "We Are The World" in Dealey Plaza on Monday night.

"If you're not familiar with how the prophecy goes, QAnon supporters believe that every year, on the second night of November, JFK rises up from the pumpkin patch, and delivers horse dewormer to all the true American patriots," Kimmel said. "If JFK did plan on showing up, why would he come back to the place where he was assassinated? That's the last place I would visit. It's almost like this makes no sense."

Kimmel went on to interview a fictional QAnon follower named "Brittney," who claimed to be dating JFK Jr.

Watch below.

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