QAnon believers flock to Dallas after again being promised 105-year-old John F. Kennedy will appear
Official white house painting of President John F. Kennedy

QAnon believers are flocking back to Dallas, Texas, after once again being promised that they'll be treated to an appearance by the late President John F. Kennedy, who would be 105 years old today if he hadn't been assassinated in 1963.

Vice News reports that QAnon influencer Michael "Negative 48" Protzman has told his followers that JFK is headed to Dallas, despite the fact that Protzman's similar prediction about JFK's return last November never came true.

As an added twist, Protzman also claims that the 105-year-old dead president will also reveal himself to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

Although there's no official count of how many people are attending this event, Vice News has counted "dozens" of replies from Protzman's followers saying they will join him in Dallas.

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This news isn't sitting well with the some of the families of people who follow Protzman, however, as they fear he has essentially taken over their minds.

“I’d like to say that I am glad Protzman’s group of believers are all heading back to Dallas so that Michael Protzman will be exposed as a liar, but I am not holding my breath that any of his followers will suddenly have the ability to think critically and see that they are following a madman,” one family member tells the publication. “They have the uncanny ability to believe everything Protzman tells them. I mean EVERYTHING.”