QAnon leader was accused by wife of 'blind rage' in domestic violence arrest: report
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According to a report from Mother Jones, a QAnon leader who has been promising fellow conspiracists that John F. Kennedy Jr. will soon return from the dead -- or hiding -- to lead the movement and help Donald Trump become president again, has a history of violence that includes an arrest for a domestic assault.

Michael Brian Protzman, who is known to QAnon adherents as Negative48, was arrested in Washington state's King County in 2019 for an "unlawful imprisonment – domestic violence" charge filed by his wife that led her to flee their home to a neighbor's house where she called 911.

According to research provided to Ali Breland of Mother Jones by Amanda Moore, Protzman -- who has told followers in Texas after the failure of JFK Jr. to show up "I am Jesus Christ" -- grew violent with his wife over going to marriage counseling.

"In July 2019, Protzman allegedly 'held [his wife] down on the bed, using both of his hands to physically restrain her, using one of his legs to brace hers,' and 'held her in this position for approximately two to three minutes until she told him that she would agree to marriage counseling so he would let her up.' When she then tried to leave the house, the documents say, Protzman grabbed her and prevented her from departing," Breland wrote.

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The report goes on to note she later ran barefoot to a neighbor's home where she told the 911 dispatcher, "she is scared of Michael because he has 'blind rage' and she believes he may hit her."

"According to a police report, she complained that Protzman had recently 'been acting differently, not showering or working and believing in government conspiracies.' She also claimed Protzman had assaulted her before, strangling her roughly six years earlier," Mother Jones is reporting.

The report adds that, although the case was later dismissed "without prejudice this past June" it can once again be reopened if need be.

You can see some of Protzman's antics in Texas below via Twitter.

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