QAnon Queen's plan for global domination has 'massively backfired': report

Romana Didulo, a QAnon influencer who has proclaimed herself the true ruler of Canada, has reportedly been facing some major setbacks in her plan for global domination.

Vice News reports that Didulo seems to have made a major tactical error with her latest plan to expand her purported empire by designating some of her followers as regional sovereigns.

According to Vice's report, the plan has "massively backfired," as some of the sovereigns are now in rebellion and have been designating sovereigns of their own without her oversight.

One such unruly subject is Arizona man David Carlson, whom Didulo dubbed the "King of America" several months ago, and who now boasts about leading a movement that has "taken out" prominent leaders in what he believes is a global Satanic pedophile ring.

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"Bad blood between Carlson and Didulo began to form at the end of the summer," the publication reports. "He said the rift first started when he began to criticize Didulo openly about telling her followers not to pay their utility bills and the group’s attempt to 'citizen’s arrest' an entire police force."

Vice News asked Carlson why Didulo is still causing him problems if he's really managed to take out multiple members of the global elite who are purportedly involved in child sex trafficking.

"She won't be much longer," Carlson ominously told the publication.

Carlson has now been amassing his own army of sovereign rulers to combat the influence of Didulo, including people with titles such as Her Excellency Karen, Minister of New Jersey.

Dr. Christine Sarteschi, an extremism researcher who spoke with Vice News, described the entire situation as being like a "bizarre car wreck."