Canada's QAnon leader serves notice she intends to establish a 'Kingdom of America': report

According to a report from the Daily Beast, the top QAnon leader in Canada -- commonly referred to as the "Queen of Canada" -- is hoping to take her show on the road and establish the "Kingdom of America" where she will institute new laws as she takes over the country.

In June, QAnon influencer Romana Didulo declared herself as the "queen of the world" with a list of 79 decrees and now she plans to make a move on the U. S. with the help of approximately 60,000 followers, as she is assisted by top aide David Carlson, whom she anointed with the title of “commander-in-chief,” of America.

In a recent post to her followers, Didulo claimed she plans to bestow "royal titles" upon those who help her achieve her aims.

According to Will Sommer of the Beast, "While Didulo’s ideas are ridiculous, they’ve already had a real-world effect on Canada. When Didulo told her fans that she had abolished Canada’s income tax, some stopped paying taxes to the Canadian government. Because Didulo issued a 'decree' announcing that her supporters could now pay their utility bills with 'IOUs' backed by her bogus government, her supporters have started losing electricity and water in their homes."

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The report notes that Didulo's disciples are already hard at work, serving notice to public officials that they are expected to accept her new rules.

The report states, "Didulo’s followers have already started to contact genuine officials in the country, warning them that her reign is about to begin. One of Didulo’s loyal subjects sent a letter to Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, later posted on Telegram, asking her to bring the state in line with Didulo and Carlson’s new government."

The Beast's Sommer's adds, "Didulo’s fake 'decrees,' which promise to abolish taxes, debts, and mortgages, are key to her popularity with her fans. Some are odd but harmless, including a measure meant to lower speed limits on some streets to improve the popularity of back-alley rollerblading. But others are sinister and potentially violent. Along with her death penalty for vaccine administrators, Didulo has decreed capital punishment for 'offenses' such as the distribution of pro-vaccination podcasts. The self-styled queen has also called for a 30-year prison term for reporters who criticize her."

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