'QAnon Queen' has angry meltdown after her Telegram account gets flagged as 'fake'

Romana Didulo, the QAnon conspiracy theorist who has proclaimed herself as the "queen" of Canada, went on an angry tirade earlier this week when she had her official Telegram account flagged as a fake.

As Vice News reports, Didulo's account was flagged as fake under a Telegram policy that calls out accounts that are impersonating other people.

Given that Didulo falsely claims to be the reigning sovereign of Canada, it's likely that prompted Telegram users to demand a warning label about her account.

Didulo responded with an angry tirade doubling down on her false claims of being Canadian royalty.

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"The Fake Label of this Channel by the Deepstaters, Cabal, and Blackhats, simply reinforces and validates further HRM [Her Royal Majesty] Queen Romana's authentic work in the Kingdom of Canada and around the work,” she wrote. “Hold the Lane Folks."

Not content to let things go, Didulo continued her angry rant during a live stream video shortly afterward.

"What this means is we have had many trolls in the channels, paid infiltrators working for some secret agency, the cabal, the deep state, the globalists, saying this is a fake channel," she fumed.