There's finally a conspiracy theory QAnon fans won't believe
QAnon conspiracy theorists attend a Trump rally (Screen cap).

Given the litany of conspiracy theories that QAnon fans are willing to buy into, you might think that they would jump all over recent news stories about UFOs.

However, as the Daily Beast's Will Sommer reports, QAnon fans are deeply suspicious of reports on UFOs because they believe they're being used by the government to distract from the Trump-backed "voter fraud" audit that's taking place in Arizona.

Sommer has found that QAnon believer Jordan Sather, who in the past actually has expressed belief in UFOs, is warning followers not to get distracted from the "real" stories such as the widely criticized Arizona audit.

"There's no doubt that this mainstream UFO disclosure push is offering a convenient distraction for the Deep State to turn our attention away from important issues like the Scamdemic and the election fraud getting exposed," he wrote recently on Telegram.

Additionally, Sommer writes that Alex Jones's InfoWars, which has never been reluctant to push conspiracy theories, is also calling B.S. on the recent flood of UFO-related headlines.

"In an April video, InfoWars staffer Greg Reese posited that the UFOs were being faked using technology from inventor Nikola Tesla and the Nazis, with the ultimate goal of faking an alien invasion to enslave humanity in 'the most dire false flag imaginable,'" writes Sommer. "In QAnon-heavy language about a nefarious "cabal" and a "Great Awakening," Reese claimed that the new UFO videos were meant to convince people, wrongly, that the aliens are real, before vaporizing much of humanity with energy weapons."

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