QAnon Texas conference featured new calls for armed rebellion and executions: report

A QAnon conference over the weekend featured calls for violence and armed rebellions, highlighted by former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn's now-infamous declaration that the American military should launch a coup against the government.

Vice News reports that Jason Sullivan, a social media adviser to Trump ally and convicted felon Roger Stone, called for Hillary Clinton's execution during the conference, which was titled "For God and Country: Patriot Roundup."

"Having spoken about QAnon's "80 million followers" (a recent survey suggests the figure in the U.S. is closer to 30 million) and spreading some anti-vax content, Sullivan got around to speaking about Hilary Clinton," reports Vice News. "Referring to her as that "godawful woman" Sullivan then made a noose gesture around his neck, which was greeted with wild applause by the audience."

In addition to cheering for Clinton's execution, QAnon supporters also cheered when Vice News reporter Vegas Tenold and Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer were booted out of the conference after organizers abruptly revoked their conference passes and forced them to leave.

Read Vice News' whole dispatch here.