Embattled RNC head Ronna McDaniel busted for talking point memo with a glaring falsehood
'This isn’t Russian talking points': Republican Party chair Ronna Romney McDaniel tells Fox News

In a series of tweets on Saturday afternoon, the Washington Post's Josh Dawsey shared a talking points memo that Republican National Committee chairperson Ronna Romney McDaniel sent out to GOP lawmakers who are being besieged with questions about the RNC accusing the Jan 6th riot committee of the "persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse.."

As the New York Times reported, the blowback from that official RNC statement had GOP officials scrambling to "clarify" what the committee meant, with the Times reporting, "After the [censure] vote, party leaders rushed to clarify that language, saying it was never meant to apply to rioters who violently stormed the Capitol in Mr. Trump’s name."

As Dawsey notes, that "clarification" doesn't appear to have been enough with the WaPo White House correspondent tweeting, "RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel just sent her members 'talking points' on Cheney and Kinzinger resolution. Her email says members were asking for them. Encourages members to talk about the lawmakers working closely with Pelosi, the committee 'harassing' those not at the Capitol."

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Following up on that, he posted the talking point document, introducing it with, "Here are the talking points McDaniel sent to members to defend the Cheney and Kinzinger resolution today, per source. Party has received significant criticism in last 24 hours, even from some Republicans."

Sharp-eyed critics of McDaniel were quick to point out that a main defense of the committee's controversial censure and statement contains a flagrant falsehood.

According to McDaniel, "Disagreement within our party is welcome and part of what makes our Party great. Working with Nancy Pelosi on a committee that does not have minority representation is not okay."

As many Twitter commentators were quick to point out, the House select committee on the Capitol riots includes Vice Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a Republican lawmaker from Illinois who, along with Cheney, was censured on Friday but not purged from the Republican Party.

You can see the tweets below: