'I'm not a racist person': Montana bar owner facing furious backlash after social media post
Holly Tinch (KTVQ screenshot)

According to a report from KTVQ, the owner of Holly's Road Kill Saloon in tiny McLeod, Montana is facing a furious backlash after unapologetically referring to Covid-19 the "Ch*nk flu" in social media posts that have continued unabated.

In an interview with the station, Holly Tinch said she didn't care if people are offended by her posts about her place of business that sports a "Warning: Does not play well with liberals" sign out front.

According to Chris Girardot of Billings, who was adopted from South Korea, he was personally offended and decided to call the owner out.

“You can see that I’m of Asian descent. And I’ve been in fights in high school because I was the only brown kid. So, yes, I took offense to that," he told KTVQ.

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Giradot also claimed Tinch posted online what she thought was his phone number in an effort to get her fans to harass him. She had the wrong number, he added.

Since that time, Tinch has doubled down with another post that read, in part: "So yesterday a bunch of 20/30 somethngs (sic), (who have never been here before) decided to call the bar, write sh*t on Billings Service Group (FB) because I said Ch*nk flu. I call it how it is. Just an FYI, I have removed them from my page but I'm not going to spend anymore time with this."

Speaking with KTVQ, she blithely dismissed the criticism, saying, "I’m not a racist person at all. And if you think that I am, that’s your problem, not mine,” while adding, "You want to call me an Irish name, have at it. Ask me if I care, I don’t.”

She also insisted, "I’m going to stand by my First Amendment and my Second Amendment and the rest of them."

Since the controversy began, the Yelp page for Holly's Road Kill Saloon has been inundated with bad reviews including one person who claimed, "It's a bar in a cool spot that serves whatever beers and mixed drinks you might need after a day enjoying the area. Owner was very friendly (to us) but the liberal use of a certain word that starts with N which I believe was meant to be heard by everyone (including strangers) was pretty awkward, but moreso despicable. Won't be back. She is unfortunately the exact stereotype that adds fuel to fires that divide us all."

You can watch video below or at this link.

Montana bar owner facing backlash: 'I’m not a racist person at all' www.youtube.com

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