New York dentist bitterly complains about losing clients after his Juneteenth-mocking party gets exposed in lawsuit
Juneteenth soul food festival canceled in Arkansas after all-white panel of hosts revealed

A dentist from Rochester, New York is bitterly complaining that he lost clients after his Juneteenth-mocking pool party got exposed in a lawsuit filed by a Black firefighter who claims he was forced by his boss to attend it.

The Associated Press reports that dentist Nicholas Nicosia and his wife, real estate agent Mary Znidarsic-Nicosia, held a press conference this week to claim that their Juneteenth-ridiculing party was not racist, despite the fact that it prominently featured "Juneteenth flags displayed over buckets of fried chicken."

Znidarsic-Nicosia claimed that the fried chicken at the party was simply a coincidence, and that the party had been designed to attack liberals and not Black Americans specifically.

However, Znidarsic-Nicosia also admitted that she ran an overtly racist Twitter account, although she claimed that the account was merely a racist "persona" she created and was not reflective of her true views.

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“I have made blatantly racist comments under that persona,” she said. “The culture of Twitter operates that way. It gives you an opportunity to be someone you’re not.”

Nicosia detailed the toll that the controversy has taken on him professionally, as several clients had ditched him after learning about the party.

“We were tried and convicted on social media in a false narrative that was created," he complained.