Rudy Giuliani roamed Mar-a-Lago's secret tunnels while recovering from alcoholism: new book
Rudy Giuliani (Photo by Jim Watson for Agence France-Presse)

Rudy Giuliani retreated to Mar-A-Lago after drinking away his sorrows from his flameout in the 2008 Republican presidential primary, according to a new book.

The former New York City mayor won just a single delegate in that primary election, and his third wife told biographer Andrew Kirtzman that Giuliani plunged into "clinical depression" afterward and "started to drink more heavily," according to excerpts from Giuliani: The Rise and Tragic Fall of America’s Mayor, published by The Guardian.

"While Giuliani was always fond of drinking scotch with his cigars while holding court at the Grand Havana or Club Mac, his friends never considered him a problem drinker," Kirtzman writes. "Judith felt he was drinking to dull the pain.”

However, ex-wife Judith Giuliani said he recovered from his depression and excessive drinking during a secret stay at Donald Trump's private resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

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“We moved into Mar-a-Lago and Donald kept our secret,” she said.

Giuliani and his wife moved into a bungalow across South Ocean Boulevard from the resort connected to one of the many secret passages and rooms underneath Mar-A-Lago, which allowed them to come and go without the media knowing.

"[Judith Giuliani] was known to exaggerate," Kirtzman writes, "and the depth of his depression [during his secret spell at Mar-a-Lago] is something that only she and Giuliani knew for certain.”

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