Racist man arrested for threatening judge in over a dozen N-word-filled voicemails
Man shouting at cell phone (Shutterstock)

A racist man from Independence, Kansas was arrested this week after leaving a seemingly endless stream of racist voicemails for a local judge in which he also hinted at having plans for violent actions.

The Kansas City Star reports that 42-year-old Michael Deblois left more than a dozen voicemails over the span of two days for a Jackson County judge in which he repeatedly said the N-word in what prosecutors describe as "hateful, angry" messages that included rants about “reverse discrimination,” “government corruption” and a “fraudulent homeowners association.”

In one message, Deblois made a thinly veiled threat of retribution against the judge.

"I’m not doing anything to a single member of your... staff that you didn’t do to me first," Deblois allegedly said. "Eye for an eye, makes you wonder what I do have planned."

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Identifying Deblois as the man behind the voicemails was not difficult, as he helpfully left his name and phone number in the messages.

Police made the move to arrest Deblois shortly after the judge, who is not being publicly identified, filed for a protective order after becoming concerned that Deblois meant to commit acts of violence.

Deblois has since been charged with tampering with a judicial officer and harassment, reports the Kansas City Star.