Watch: Arizona man taunts Native Americans by telling them they're in 'MAGA Country'
Republican woman wearing a MAGA hat. (melissamn /

An Arizona man was caught on camera making racist taunts toward Native Americans who were standing outside of a local art gallery while also telling them they were in "MAGA Country."

Local news station Fox 10 Phoenix reports that a video posted on Instagram this week shows a man standing outside the Gilbert Ortega Authentic Indian Art Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona performing mock Native American chants at a group of indigenous performers who were there to shoot a video for ESPN's Super Bowl coverage.

After the man was informed that there were cameras filming him, he remained defiant and starting saying "MAGA Country" several times.

The man then grew more confrontational after one of the people filming him dared him to "come into the street" to speak to them, and he lashed out at the man as a "f*cking Indian."

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Fox 10 Phoenix notes that "it is unknown whether the man has any connections with Gilbert Ortega Galleries," although it did find that "the Facebook and Instagram pages for the business are no longer publicly accessible as of the evening of Feb. 8."

Kelly Corsette, a representative from the Scottsdale city government, condemned the incident in a statement provided to Fox 10 Phoenix.

"Scottsdale prides itself as a welcoming community for all people," Corsette said. "We are sad that this incident occurred and offer our full support to those who were targeted. The city condemns this individual's racist comments - they do not represent our community."

Watch the video below or at this link.