WATCH: Central Park woman falsely accuses Black women of 'beating' her in 911 call over phone charger dispute

On Saturday, the Atlanta Black Star reported on an incident in Central Park, in which a white woman called 9-1-1 on a pair of Black video bloggers for claiming that a cell phone charger she was holding was not theirs. During the exchange, she openly admitted to being racist.

"The incident unfolded at New York's Central Park when TikToker Alana Lambert and another friend were vlogging their day at the park," reported Atahabih Germain. "In the clip, Lambert could be heard explaining that her portable charger fell from her friend's CitiBike as they were recording. The woman picked it up and refused to return it without the girls proving it belonged to them."

"Lambert and her friend follow the woman in an attempt to retrieve the charger. Lambert's friend asks her: 'Do you have video [of the charger]?' to which she replies, 'I definitely have video with it on, but she's not going to give it back even if I show her,'" said the report. "She then tells the camera: 'This lady just stole my charger and won't give it back.' She added, 'She's saying that I have to prove it's mine, and she's calling the cops on me right now.'" The woman can be heard telling the 9-1-1 dispatchers that the other two are "touching," "threatening," and "beating" her — although none of this occurs on the video and she is conspicuously injury-free.

"The white woman continues to try to get away as she tells the ladies that they are liars and have to prove the charger is theirs," continued the report. "A short while afterward, Lambert asks the woman if she's racist, to which she responds, 'Yes, I am.' She added, 'I pick my race over any race. What's your problem?'"

This incident comes a year after another nationally publicized racial confrontation in Central Park, in which an investment firm employee named Amy Cooper called the police on a Black jogger for asking her to keep her dog on a leash.

Watch below: